shotcrete admixtures powder




  • Made in Vietnam
  • Easy and fast way to get concrete to stick to the facade like gum
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Multiple-use
  • Consumption: 3-6 Kilograms PCON  / 100 Kilograms cement
  • Type: Powder - White
  • Ready to use. Just mix into concrete
  • For Citadel, basement wall, 3D Panel, Tunnels, mines, Cliffs, embankments
  • Spray dry >> Reduces bouncing or vertical application of concrete: ~ 3% by weight of cement
  • Spray dry >> Early strength or ceiling application: 4-6% by weight of cement
  • Wet spray >> Reduces bouncing or vertical application of concrete: 4-5% by weight of cement
  • Wet spray >> Early strength or ceiling application: 5-6% by weight of cement


  • Reduce bounced concrete
  • Make concrete reach strength early
  • Stabilize walls and walls during basement construction
  • Spraying walls and ceilings in the construction of light structures using 3D Panels
  • Fortify cliffs in tunnel and mine construction
  • Stabilize cliffs and slopes

Notes on construction/limitations

  • When using sulphate resistant cement, strength development may be slower
  • Curing promoter hose must be cleaned before using PCON
  • The metal parts of the pump in direct contact with the PCON must be leak-proof steel
  • The effectiveness of setting promotion depends on cement content, cement age, cement type, temperature of shotcrete and substrate as well as thickness of application layers and concrete spraying methods. Another parameter that affects the effectiveness of the amount of PCON is the N/X ratio in the amount of water added at the nozzle according to the dry spray process.

How to use?

  • Mix PCON into concrete according to the recommended ratio
  • Put concrete into the sprayer and start spraying
  • Application temperature: The application temperature should not be lower than 15 degrees Celsius (especially for thick layers). Lower temperature requires higher dosage

Safety and Precaution

  • Please check all specifications before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Protective gloves must be worn.
  • PCON is cement base and is therefor alkaline. Suitable precautions should be taken to minimize direct contact with the skin

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