non metallic dry shake floor hardener

Barrel (25kgs)

Big bag (1000kgs)


  • Made in Vietnam
  • Easy and fast way to make concrete floor hard as stone
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Multiple-use
  • Consumption: 3-6 Kilograms / square meters
  • Type: Powder - Grey
  • Ready to use. Use as a dry sprinkle
  • For floors of warehouses, factories, basements of apartments, sports halls, working floors, garages


  • Increased impact resistance
  • Increase the strength of concrete
  • Long-term protection for concrete floor surfaces.
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Increased oil resistance
  • Reduce surface dust, easy to apply, the surface after finishing has a high level of flatness

How to use?

  • BOT should be constructed by professional trowel contractors
  • Immediately after the concrete surface has set (starts to set)
  • Sprinkle the BOT mixture (by hand) onto the wet and leveled concrete surface. Wait for the BOT to absorb moisture on the concrete surface and it is still damp, use the machine to rub the surface evenly (1st rub).
  • Apply a second time as soon as the mixture becomes pliable or when it is about to set. Rub with a low speed trowel. The final rub (if necessary) should be done immediately after, but the trowel runs at high speed

Safety and Precaution

  • Please check all specifications before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Protective gloves must be worn.
  • BOT is cement base and is therefor alkaline. Suitable precautions should be taken to minimize direct contact with the skin


  • 1kg / barrel
  • 5kgs / barrel 
  • 25kgs / barrel
  • 25kgs / bag
  • 1000kgs / big bag

Shelf Life

  • 18 months.

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