Hello investors

We are LB Chemistry corporation. Specializes in manufacturing additives and chemicals for the construction industry. 16 years of experience. Total products available: 39 products. Finished product and throughout from the foundation to the roof of the building. Serving for the following construction areas: villas, factories, commercial centers, highways, breakwaters, bridges, runways, ..

Transfer of production technology to global partners

Partners will receive the following benefits:

- LB Chemistry will: guide you through all the stages from brand, packaging, production formula, sourcing ingredients locally

- You can start small-scale production right in your garage. Launch your branded product in 6 to 12 months and scale up as you like at any time

- With a price advantage because you can produce it yourself allowing you to compete fairly against the big local competition

- And you can get your investment back in just 1 to 2 years and increase the profit from the business.

Potential partner

- Authorized dealers of brands

- Companies need to expand their product portfolio

- Large projects want to be autonomous to reduce costs

- Individuals who are passionate about construction field

- For those of you who want to build your own business empire

Price: One million US dollars for one product

- Buy 2 products: 20% off

- Buy more than 5 products: 30% off

(Not included: transportation and accommodation for engineers during the transfer)

Please contact >>> (+84) 903 602 275 - Mr Yen
Thank you for reading.