Plastic tank (1000L)1200kgs


  • Made in Vietnam
  • Easy and fast way to remove rust on iron surface
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Multiple-use
  • Type: Liquid - Dark Green
  • Ready to use
  • For Structures, Automobiles, Machinery, Tools and use it on a multitude of applications


  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Soaking steel in water after painting also won't rust again
  • Capable of cleaning steel rust to class C (thin scale rust)
  • Does not reduce the adhesion of the finish paint
  • Does not affect the adhesion force between reinforcement and concrete
  • Can handle very heavy rusts
  • Steel storage time after treatment
  • Normal environment: 1 spray for 6 months
  • Marine environment: 1 spray for 3 months

How to use?

  • Surface cleaning: Steel surface before being treated should blow away dirt, dry and free from grease
  • Spray onto the steel surface to be treated. Spray 2 coats. Each spray is 20-30 minutes apart
  • Work in dry conditions. Avoid direct contact with water or rain when the product is not completely dry (Completely dry product after 24 hours)


  • If the product is in direct contact with water or rain when the product is not completely dry then will create white salt on the surface of the steel bar. This salt does not affect the properties of steel, concrete. Conducting water spray to wash white stains on the surface of the steel bar and let it dry and then then do it again

Safety and Precaution

  • Please check all specifications before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Protective gloves must be worn.


  • 300ML
  • 2L Plastic can 
  • 5L Plastic can
  • 25L Plastic can
  • 1000L Plastic can

Shelf Life

  • 18 months.

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