Best waterproofing for concrete roof


VNSEAL 104 is a two component, flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane consisting of a synthetic resin mixed with a blend of selected cement and well-graded fillers.

When mixed, VNSEAL 104 becomes a smoooth slurry and is easily applied by brush, roller or suitable spraying equipment.

VNSEAL 104 can be applied onto damp substrates. The cured membrane is flexible, durable and weather resistant and has excellent adhesion to most building substrates. Its unique chemical structure provides a breathable membrane that is permeable to water vapour and yet impermeable to water. VNSEAL 104 is capable of bridging hairline cracks.

Typical Uses:

- Waterproofing of Basement walls and lift pits

- Waterproofing of potable water tanks, waterproofing of reservoirs, culverts, storm drains, canal, water retaining and water excluding structures.

- Waterproofing of kitchens and toilets

- Waterproofing of balconies and planter boxes

- Waterproofing of swimming pools and water features

- Waterproofing to precast gable end walls

- Waterproofing to RC flat roof (re-roofing-exposed and concealed applications) and gutters.

- Waterproofing to external wall prior to installation of claddings.


- Pre-packed – Easy to mix and apply

- Excellent waterproofing qualities – able to withstand high hydrostatic pressure

- Excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, ceramics, natural and artificial

- Flexible able to bridge hairline cracks up to 2mm

- Does not contain chloride or other corrosive salts which cause efflorescence

- Non – toxic- suitable for use in waterproofing of potable water tanks

- Able to withstand light foot tracfficking

- Can be applied onto damp substrates

- Weathering resistant

Surface Praparation:

The substrates must be clean and sound, free of dust and loose particles. Laitance, oil , grease, mould release agents or cring compound must be removed from concrete surfaces by using wire brush, scabbler or other means. Ensure sufficient gradient to allow water to run off.

It is recommended that a cement & sand fillet be formed at all corners to receive the waterproofing membrane.

Prior to the application of the waterproofing membrane, dampen the substrate with water while ensuring that no free water is present on the surface.

Mixing Instructions:

Pour Part A (liquid) into Part B (powder)container and mix with a slow speed mechanical mixer until homogenous and lump free. Allow the mix to stand for 5 minutes and re-stir manually before use.


For horizontal and vertical surfaces, a roller, brush or spray gun, may be used to apply the slurry. Care must be taken to ensure that air is not entrapped in the membrane

Apply the first coat of VNSEAL 104 and allow it to dry. At the same time, ensure that all joints and corners are properly coated, preferable with a brush. Allow membrane to dry for approximately 2 hours before application of the second coat

VNSEAL 104 – the professional’s choice of quality products and system for building construction

Shelf life

18 months.

Storage conditions

Dry, cool, shaded place


1) Combo A: 4kg - B: 3kg

Component A is Grey powder: 4kg/barrel

component B is milky white liquid: 3kg/plastic can

2) Combo A: 10kg - B: 7,5kg

Component A is Grey powder: 10kg/barrel

component B is milky white liquid: 7,5kg/plastic can

3) Combo A: 20kg - B: 15kg

Component A is Grey powder: 20kg/barrel

component B is milky white liquid: 15kg/plastic can

4) Combo A: 1000kg - B: 750kg