Big bag (1000kgs)


Fairing Coat Mortar: is one component, polymer modified, cementitous mortar based containing silica fume.

Product name

Fairing Coat Mortar

Compressive Strength

≥ 20 Mpa (1 day)


≥ 50 Mpa (28 days)

Mixing ratio

Approx. 5.5 L of clean water per 25 kgs barrel


Approx. 1.1 L of clean water per 5 kgs barrel

Layer Thickness

Max. 5mm

Pot Life

~ 30 min. (at 27ºC / 65% r.h)


Fairing Coat Motar: is used as repair mortar for minor surface defects on:

- Concrete

- Mortar

- Stone

Fairing Coat Mortar: is a cosmetic mortar designed to eliminate surface defects due to demoulding, pores or honeycombs, and is suitable forsmall repairs on:

- Precast concrete elements

- Fair-face concrete

- Columns and beams

- As levelling mortar and fairing coat or finishing skim coat to concrete, mortar patches and screeds.


- Ready to use requiring only the addition of water

- Excellent workability

- Rapid strength development

- Good mechanical strength

- Good adhesion to substrate

- No corrosive effect on reinforcement steel

- Non-toxic


5kgs / barrel 

25kgs / barrel

1000kgs / big bag


Powder / Grey

Shelf life:

18 months.

Storage conditions:

Dry, cool, shaded place

Mixing ratio:

Water : (Fairing Coat Mortar) powder = 1:4.0 (parts by weight)

Approx. 5.5 L of clean water per 25kgs barrel.

Approx. 1.1 L of clean water per 5kgs barrel.

Layer Thickness: Max. 5mm

Pot Life:

~ 30 min. (at 27ºC / 65% r.h)

Fairing Coat Mortar: should be mechaically mixed in a clean container using a low-speed electric mixer (max. 500 rpm). A minimum mixing time of 3 minutes is recommended to throughly blends the components.

Fairing Coat Mortar: can be applied by spatula or trowel. Work the mixed mortar well into the substrate. Force material against the edge of the repair, working towards the center.

Curing treatment:

To achieve the full potential of any cement based material, curing is essential. In warm or windy weather, the use of standard curing methods are necessary (use of polyethylene sheets or damp hessian) to prevent premature drying out of mortar.

Cleaning of tools:

Remove non-hardened Products from tools and requipment with water. Hardened material can only be remove mechanically.