glue for swimming pool tiles

Big bag (1000kgs)


  • Made in Vietnam
  • Adhesive tiles to the wall easy and fast
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Multiple-use
  • Consumption: 1,6 - 1,7 Kilograms / square meters
  • Colour: Grey
  • Ready to use. Just add water


  • Can be used for exterior wall, height > 6 meters
  • Less absorbent or waterproof tiles can still be used
  • Can be used for : creamic - mosaic - cement tiles - Stone

How to use?

  • Spray water to clean dust and grease on the surface
  • Mix VOG with water according to the ratio indicated on the package for homogenization without lumps
  • Use a serrated trowel to spread the mortar evenly on the surface of the tile
  • The thickness of the mortar layer should be only 2-3mm
  • Use a rubber hammer to knock evenly on the surface of the brick
  • Mixing and using time is 4 hours
  • Waiting time is 20 minutes
  • Tile editing time is 10 minutes
  • Waiting time before grouting is at least 24 hours
  • Waiting time before circulation is after 24 - 48 hours

Safety and Precaution

  • Please check all specifications before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Protective gloves must be worn.
  • After applying the coating agent, do not sprinkle water on the surface for about two day.
  • Do not use it below zero 5° Celsius.
  • VOG is cement base and is therefor alkaline. Suitable precautions should be taken to minimize direct contact with the skin


  • 1kg / barrel
  • 5kgs / barrel 
  • 25kgs / barrel
  • 25kgs / bag
  • 1000kgs / big bag

Shelf Life

  • 18 months.

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