High gloss red brick paint


C2K is a transparent, liquid compound. Helps the surface after finishing to be as beautiful as a mirror, anti-dust, increase hardness, abrasion resistance.


Surface of raw materials that need gloss such as: concrete, red brick wall, cement wall, split stone, terracotta brick, interior or exterior furniture made of concrete, cement


Step 1: Wall cleaning

Spray water and use a broom to clean the entire wall

Note: If the wall is not cleaned, the adhesion of the C2K product will be reduced

Step 2: Let the wall dry

For outdoor walls: will dry very quickly

For indoor walls: should open all doors for ventilation

If the room is not well ventilated, there is no window, you should use an electric fan to support

Step 3: Cover to protect the floor

Use nylon or paper to cover the floor before painting: from the wall to 3m

Note: Failure to cover will damage the floor surface when painting

Step 4: Paint the first layer

Pour C2K product into 18 liter bucket

Note: Do not add water to the product

- Using a roller, roll the entire wall surface from top to bottom

- After rolling to dry

Drying time for outdoor wall is: 6-12 hours

Drying time for indoor walls is: 24 hours or more (requires electric fan for support)

Note: Roll only when the area is dust-free

Step 5: Paint 2nd layer

Same as step 4

Note: Only roll the 2nd layer when the 1st layer is completely dry

Step 6: Paint 3rd layer

Same as step 5

Note: Only roll the 3rd layer when the 2nd layer is completely dry


Dry, cool, shaded place


Clear Liquid


18 months from date of production


- 0,1Gal (400ML) Liquid: approximately application 1,5 m2 / 2 layer

- 0,5Gal (3kgs) Liquid: approximately application 7,5 m2 / 2 layer

- 1,3Gal (8kgs) Liquid: approximately application 20 m2 / 2 layer

- 6,6Gal (30kgs) Liquid: approximately application 20 m2 / 2 layer


- Plastic can 0,1Gal (400ML) 

Plastic can 0,5Gal (3kgs) 

Plastic can 1,3Gal (8kgs) 

Plastic can 6,6Gal (30kgs) 

Plastic tank 1000L (1200kgs)