Hello investors

We are LB Chemistry corporation. Specializes in manufacturing additives and chemicals for the construction industry. 16 years of experience. Total number of products available: 39 products. From the foundation to the roof. Serving for the following construction fields: villas, factories, commercial centers, highways, breakwaters, bridges, runways, ..
Interested investors can view us at:
- Go4worldbussiness e-commerce platform
- Lazada e-commerce platform
- Shopee e-commerce platform
- Tiki e-commerce platform
- Website:
LBChemistry's greatest asset is its 39-product portfolio.  
And we are in need of an investment of $200,000 to $1,000,000 to do the following:
- Business expansion in Singapore, Malaysia, India, ..
- Open branches in many provinces of Vietnam
Our destination is IPO. We will IPO in 2025 with a valuation of 200 million USD
Your investment amount will increase 5-10 times in 3 years if you invest in us immediately after reading this announcement.
Please contact >>> (+84) 903 602 275 - Mr Yen
Thank you for reading.