tile grout price 5kg

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tile grout price 5kg

tile grout price 5kg

5kg bucket: CALL


Composition: VRON is a tile adhesive made from an improved polymer cement base, pre-mixed and single-component.

Function: Used for tile fixing, including ceramic tiles, glass tiles, granite tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, decorative tiles, natural stone, etc.

User group: Suitable for both dry and wet areas, indoors and outdoors, such as rooftops, bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, with high adhesion, no cracking, and easy to clean.

Instructions for use:

Material consumption: 20m/1kg

Mix the product with water at a ratio of Water/Powder = 0.20-0.24

1kg bucket mixed with 0.2-0.24 liters of water

The amount of water may vary depending on the consistency of the mortar mixture used.

Use the product mixed with water within 30-40 minutes;


Before applying the grout, clean the grout lines thoroughly. The cleaning tool should be stiff and have a thickness equal to or slightly smaller than the grout line to make it easy to pull and smooth. After cleaning, use a clean cloth to wipe the entire surface of the tile, then apply paper tape on both sides of the grout line. (Use small 1cm paper tape to apply)

Note: Applying paper tape to both sides of the grout line helps save material and labor costs for cleaning the tile surface after grouting (99% of projects are grouted incorrectly, resulting in a lot of wasted grout and labor for cleaning) Mix the grout with water to a smooth consistency like a pencil lead. The tool used to apply the grout is a plastic card (like an ATM card).

Mix enough grout for one use

- The product only needs to be added with water

- So do not mix too much at once

- The product will dry and harden after 40 minutes and cannot be used again like regular white cement. Construction:

The worker should divide the area into 2 parts - the higher part and the lower part. Start with the higher part first. For vertical grout lines: Apply from bottom to top. For horizontal grout lines: Apply from left to right or right to left.

Step 1: Use a small plastic card to scoop the grout and apply it to the grout line.

Step 2: Use the small plastic card to smooth and pull the grout along the length of the grout line

- Spread the excess grout into the original container

- Note not to let the grout overflow the paper tape on both sides

- Continue this process for the remaining vertical and horizontal lines

- Note: do not rush to remove the paper tape immediately after smoothing

- Remove the paper tape after finishing all grout lines in the wall section.


Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with water. Hardened grout can only be removed by mechanical means.

Shelf life: 18 Months

Preserved in dry, cool place


Email: lbchemistry.net@gmail.com



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